ristretto255 Implementations

An internet-draft for ristretto255 is now available, written by Henry de Valence, Jack Grigg, George Tankersley, Filippo Valsorda, and Isis Lovecruft.

  • Rust: curve25519-dalek, by Isis Lovecruft and Henry de Valence;
  • Go: ristretto255, by George Tankersley, Filippo Valsorda, and Henry de Valence;
  • C: libsodium, by Frank Denis.
  • AssemblyScript: wasm-crypto, by Frank Denis.
  • Javascript with Typescript: noble-ed25519, by Paul Miller
  • Javascript: ristretto255-js, by Valeria Nikolaenko and Kevin Lewi.
  • Zig: the zig programming language includes ristretto255 in its standard library, implemented by Frank Denis.